Web Master Tools is a great application that tracks your website and lets Google know about it, Google also reports back on your site telling you what things it doesn't like and offering help how to fix. 

I highly recommend anyone wanting to increase rankings and promote their website get this tied up to their site.

So if you decide to sign up to this free tool, you use an email address and signup directly on the the Web Master Tools website, it uses your Google account so you may have this Google already for analytics or youtube etc.


1. Once you sign up to WMT (web master tools) you get to a screen to add your site like this

2. Click the red button to ADD A SITE and enter the full URL www.domain.com, you will then get this screen

3. Click the Alternate Methods tab and select HTML Tag

4. Copy the whole line inside the white box. Now leave this window open and go to your Kommand admin area dashboard via the login page

5. Click the settings button in the left menu to get to the following screen

6. Click the config button to then get the following screen and go to the Meta Tags Field

6. Paste the code from Web Master Tools as in example screen above and save the config.

7. Now go back to the Web Master tools window you left open and click the VERIFY button down the bottom left

Now you site is ready to have a site map uploaded. To find out how to submit a site map you can view our knowledge base solution for this by clicking here