So Google Analytics is a free tool to be able to check out information about people coming to your site and what they had a look at. It also tells you a load of other things, but rather than us give you this information you would be best going to and checking out the features.

So if you decide to sign up to this free tool, you use an email address and signup directly on the Analytics website. 

Once you complete the signup process you will be given a unique UA number, it should look something like UA-123456789

So to add this to your Kommand site and start tracking your visitors follow these steps.

1. Login to your domain admin control panel which should look something like this

2. Click on the settings button in the left menu and select site config to get the following screen

3. Choose the Config option

4. Go to the field that says Google analytics and enter the UA number you were given after signing up to Google Analytics. You need to enter the full number eg UA-12345678 

5. Then save the configuration at the bottom of the page.