Widgets are various items that Kommand can control to add things to your website.

A list of available main widgets are listed below, these are available from the main dashboard menu under Widgets.

Advertisement - these are the banner adverts that can be placed on various places on the site.

Slides - these are the main graphic image slides that are on the home page of your website.

Menu - this is the main menu on the website

Forms - this allows you to make real time forms and adjust the questions and feedback to what you want.

Gallery - this allow tyou to create and manage gallery images and text.

When you want to add widgets to certain area of the site Kommand will allow you to add certain widgets that are available, not all widgets are available for all areas.

A list of widgets with descriptions are as follows:

Advertisement - this will allow you to create an advert group and place it in the layout segment.

Static Text - add ann text that you want in that layout segment area.

Site Logo - add the site logo to that layout segment.

Blank Area - create a blank area.

Page Menu - create a page menu of selected items.

Site Menu - add the site menu to that layout segment.

User Menu - Add a menu to parts of the site, ie side bar or footer

Social Media - add social media icons with links to excat URL's in that layout segment.

Twitter Timeline - Add a twitter timeline feed to parts of your site. Watch Video

Google Maps - add a Google maps box to various parts of the site.

News Letter Signup - add a newsletter signup to the layout segment.