This is an important part to get your site to rank on all search engines.

Below is an example of where each of the fields relate to search engine results.

To find out more about each of these you can view information on the following links which are really helpful to explain each field in detail

There are mixed reviews on the Meta Keywords field and you could add some keyword phrases separated by a comma, but all in all its not that important and could be left blank.

So follow these steps to amend or update your Meta Title and Meta Descriptive Tags

1. Login to your Kommand Admin and go to Pages in the Admin Menu

2. Press the edit icon which is the one in the bottom left corner of the page with the little pencil icon.

3. Once in the page, click the tab that says Meta.

4. Enter the relevant information in to the Title Tag and Descriptive Tag boxes, try to keep it in line with the little help info below each one ie title tag less than 70 characters and descriptive tag less than 160 characters.  Save the page and you should see these updates take immediate effect.

These changes wont take effect on Google and other search engines for around a week, but this can be quicker or longer depending on how often the search engine crawls your site.